Thousands of children have been separated from their parents at our nation’s southern border.

Based on the Trump administration’s comments, the policy of separating children from their parents when they enter the United States seeking asylum at the southern border will continue indefinitely, without apology and without any remorse or admission of wrongdoing.

Children are being ripped from their parents’ arms, including nursing infants.  Some of them are living in what appear to be cages.  In some facilities, workers and volunteers are prohibited from comforting, hugging or even touching the children to soothe them when they are crying.  Observers have reported that the children are often inconsolable, afraid, anxious and depressed – including toddlers and preschoolers.

Apparently, parents and children are being separated and sent to facilities up to 2500 miles away from each other.

Parents have been deported while their children are still detained in the United States.

Children with special needs who cannot understand what is happening have been separated from their parents.

Children are wailing, crying, praying that they would be returned to their parents.

The children do not know what is happening to them – or why it is happening.  They don’t know where their parents are or if they will see them again.

Child welfare experts, including pediatricians, psychologists and sociologists, are warning that the short and long term effects of these policies could be devastating for the children as well as the family units.

Religious leaders from all faiths are condemning this practice and urging the Trump Administration to immediately end this practice and policy.

Help us shine the light on this travesty and join our effort to stop this intolerable and unconscionable policy that violates human rights and the values and ideals upon which our nation was founded.

Please Be Their Voice for a Border Kids Days of Action Phone Call Campaign to your Elected Representatives and Trump Administrative Officials.

These children need advocates who will speak up for them and their families.  They need people who will stand up for them and fight for them, calling America’s elected officials and leaders and asking them to protect and care for them.  They cannot speak for themselves.  They are separated from their parents and their parents cannot speak for them.

Will you Be Their Voice?

It is easy and it will not take more than an hour for you to make seven critical phone calls.  There is a sample script for you to use below, or you can write a brief outline of what you want to say when you call these offices.

You will likely reach a receptionist, intern or staff assistant processing calls.  They will not have a lot of time to speak with you and they may be stressed or short with you, but don’t take it personally.

Stay calm and don’t get angry or upset with the person who is answering the phone.  Be polite, respectful and courteous in speaking with them and thank them for sharing your views with their boss.

1 – Call your Congressional Representative. If you know who your congressional representative is, you can look up their contact info here.  To determine who your representative is by your street address/zip code, search here.

2 and 3 – Call your two United States Senators.  You can find your US Senators’ contact information here.

4 – Call the White House Comments Line at


5 – Call the Department of Homeland Security Comments Line at 202-282-8495

6 – Call the Department of Health and Human Services Comments Line at 877-696-6775

7 – Call the Department of State Comments Line at  202-647-6575  

When you reach each of the above offices, please tell them you want to share your views about the Trump Administration’s Policy on Separating Children from their Families at the US Border.

They may ask you your name and possibly some general identifying information (zip code, city, etc.).  They are asking for this information for statistical purposes to track how many calls they are receiving and from what areas of the country.

You can use the following as a reference when you make these phone calls or feel free to share your personal views and concerns.

“Hi.  My name is _____________________ and I am calling to express my concern about the Trump Administration’s Policy on Separating Children from their families at the US Border.

I am opposed to this policy and I am calling to ask your office to take a stand against this policy to protect the innocent children who are being subjected to what experts are calling unacceptable abuse and a violation of human rights.

I believe that our government must do the following immediately:

1 – Immediately end separation of children from their families except in egregious cases involving convicted criminals.

2 – Immediately reunite all families and children who are currently housed in detention centers and shelter facilities across the United States.

3 – Determine if any parents have been deported without their children and immediately communicate with these parents and initiate reunification proceedings immediately.

Thank you for communicating my views and concerns with other members of your office.  Thank you for your time.”

After your call, you can leave a comment on our site with comments or feedback from your calls.

Also, please tweet about your calls and your experiences with the offices you called using #BeTheirVoice or #SerSuVoz.

Please begin calling today.  Please ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family members to call their elected officials and our governmental representatives also.

A majority of Americans is opposed to these abusive, heartless and cruel policies of separating children from their families.

We must make our voices heard.  We must speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Please take 30-60 minutes to make these phone calls as soon as possible to help these innocent children and Be Their Voice.

There is a group that is raising money to defend and assist these children and their families.  You can find information about their fundraising effort and the group (RAICES) who will receive the money here.  If you can donate to their effort, please consider doing so.  Another group called KIND is also assisting these families and would benefit greatly from financial assistance.

Let us stand together as one voice speaking on behalf of these children and their families.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,

 for the rights of all who are destitute.

Speak up and judge fairly;

defend the rights of the poor and needy.” 

Proverbs 31:8-9 NASB

Be Their Voice

Ser Su Voz


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